Audience: Digitek Customers who have scheduled an appointment for either a server migration or Sage 300 Upgrade.

The following steps will assist us with preforming service on your Sage 300 server.

Preliminary Information:

1. Please inform us of what Sage 300 products you have installed? I.E. Accounting, Estimating, Document Management, ETC. 

2. If upgrading timberline to 13.1 or newer from an older version, do you use custom lien waivers? If so they will need to be modified before they can be used. A Sage 300 consultant can be scheduled to assist you with that.

Prior to appointment:

1. Plan for Downtime

While an average upgrade can be done in a couple hours, a server migration can take much longer. Expect to not have timberline for at least half the day, in some complicated setups expect to be down all day. Additionally the server will need to be rebooted at least twice during the process. If the server is used for any other purposes, those services will be interrupted as well. 

2. Download Installation media

After your appointment is scheduled, your technician will send you a download link to the Sage 300 Installation media. The download file can be several gigabytes and depending on your internet connection could take some time to download. We ask that you have the software downloaded prior to us connecting. Please note that the download from Sage's website will only download a small application that functions as the download manager for the larger installation media files. You must run the small application to begin the actual download.

3. Collect Logins

To preform his work the technician will require an administrator Windows login and a Sage 300 login with Application administrator roles. You can provide these to the tech at the beginning of the appointment or if you prefer you can type the passwords in for the technician each time it is required. 

Time of the appointment:

1. Login to the server(s) 

 Please Login to a console session on each server. For the purpose of this article, console session means physically logging into the computer, not remotely connecting through remote desktop software. (VMware or Hyper-v console is OK)

2. Connect to Digitek's Remote Support software 

The Technician will create a remote session that you can connect to. If your migrating servers the tech will create two sessions. To connect to the sessions navigate your web browser to Scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see your session(s) listed, click join and follow the directions on the screen.