Special Considerations or Warnings

Note: This solution includes information and procedures for a non-Sage Timberline Office software product that are not supported by Sage Timberline Office Support. For assistance, contact the appropriate software vendor.

Cause: Network communication problems can cause Pervasive Status Code 3116, 3117, and 3118 errors in Sage Timberline Office applications

Solution or Workaround: Troubleshoot the network connectivity problems to discover the cause

Have a qualified network technician troubleshoot the network communication problems that are causing the Pervasive Status Code 3116 through 3119 errors. This may involve doing one or more of the following items:

  • Changing network card settings on the client and server computers.
  • Replacing network cables and network cards.
  • Replacing hubs, switches, and/or other networking components.

For more information on how to troubleshoot Microsoft network connectivity problems, refer to article 325487 on the Microsoft Support site.

Microsoft Support Web page