The following directions will connect your workstations to your Digitek hosted application server. 

These directions assume the following:

  • Your computer is Windows 7 or newer
  • You know your Digitek issued login 
  • You know your Digitek issued server address

If any of those assumptions are unknown, Submit a Trouble ticket before continuing.

Connecting to RemoteApp server from Windows Client


Step 1Press start > then enter "remoteapp" into the "Search programs and files" search field (circled in red): 

Step 2: From the search results, select "Set up a new connection with RemoteApp and Desktop Connections"




Step 3: A window will open (pictured below) that asks you to "Type the URL to setup a new connection" Enter your digitek issued server address. It will be in the format: "https://<uniquename>" Press next.

Step 4: Press next if you see this screen:

Step 5: Enter your Digitek issued login

Domain is hosted1

in the username field enter: "hosted1\<username>"

If you type your password in correctly the next screen you should see will look like this:

How do I run a RemoteApp program?

 Your programs with be listed in the start menu under: All Program -> RemoteApp and Desktop Connections ->  

Running Sage 100 Contractor for the first time, you will be presented with the Connect to SQL Server screen.  Click on the down-arrow on the SQL Server name line, and pick "Your Unique Name"\SAGE100CON 

Click Connect