The following directions will connect your workstations to your Digitek hosted application server. 

These directions assume the following:

  • Your computer is Running Mac OSX 10.7 or newer (For Windows directions please click here)
  • You know your Digitek issued login 
  • You know your Digitek issued server address
  • You have the Official Microsoft Remote Desktop application installed from the App Store (Link to free app)

If any of those assumptions are unknown, Submit a Trouble ticket before continuing.

Connecting to RemoteApp server from Mac OSX Client


Step 1If you do not already have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed please install it from the App Store. Link provided above.

Please note that Microsoft Remote Desktop  is a different application then the olderMicrosoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 

Step 2: Run Microsoft Remote Desktop, locate this iconin your application folder and execute it.

Step 3:  Click on the remote resources icon 

Step 4:  Enter your Digitek issued address, username, and password, then click refresh

Step 5:  Close the Remote Resources window and you should see the Sage applications in the Remote Resources list. Double Click to execute.

**Please note: MAC users may experience what can only be described as black text boxes that pop up intermittently. User can set desktop background to refresh every 5 min (or so) to get rid of these boxes if they are bothersome. This is a known MAC/ Remote App issue with no effect on performance.