Before you can sign into your new email account, you must change your server password. You can do so by following these steps:

  • The steps below assume you are already signed into the Arizona Stone Server or Solstice Server
  • These directions will walk you through changing you Arizona stone Server password
  • This new password will now function as your server password AND email password
  • Mesa office users: For some of you this will also change the passwords to your desktop computer
  • Please read through the directions before preforming step 1


Step One: Press the following three keys on your keyboard at the same time: Ctrl - Alt - End (not Delete)

Image result for ctrl alt end

Step Two: Select change password

Step Three: Enter in your old password in line one, new password in line two and confirm your new password in line 3.

Step Four: Click blue arrow

Step Five: Open Chrome and go to or Your username is your email address and your password is what you just setup!

Note: Your Inbox will be empty. Have no fear over the next few days your old emails will start to appear.