1.  Sign into Gmail by opening a browser and typing mail.arizonastone.com  in the address area, and login with your credentials.

2.  Click Mail at the top-left corner of your Gmail page, then click Contacts.

3. You should see Import Contacts, and click on it.  If you don't see Import Contacts, you may have to click on More, and then it should show up.

4.  After selecting Import Contacts, Click the Choose File button.

5.   After clicking the Choose File button, select the file to import, and the location to your contacts files should be on your Desktop named Contacts and Calendars.  "You may have to scroll down to see this"

6.  Find the folder with your name.  Open it, and you should see 2 folders named Calendar and Contacts.  Open Contacts.

7.  Select Contacts and click Open.


8.  When it's done, Gmail will display the number of contacts Imported. Repeat these steps for those contacts in the file named Emailed Contacts.

9. Gmail may recommend you run "find and replace duplicates" You can run that to clean up your contacts list.