1.  Open browser, and enter in the address bar helpdesk.digiteksolutions.com, and it should bring you to this page.  Then just click on New Support Ticket.


2.  Please fill out the form, provide a DETAILED description of the problem.  (You can also use your Snipping Tool included in your operating system to attach screenshots of any error you are receiving.  For information on how to use the Snipping Tool, go to this website at:  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/13776/windows-use-snipping-tool-to-capture-screenshots )

When you enter your Phone Number, please just enter the numbers, and no Hyphens (-).

3.  Click Submit

4.  You should receive an email in regards to the ticket that you just created.  There will be a link that you can click to check the status of that ticket, and it will bring you to this page.


5.  Click on the Sign up with us Button, and you should get this page:


6.  Fill out the information and click Register.  Anytime after that when you create a ticket, you will be able to use the credentials that you create to view the status of your ticket.